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Pay for Usage, Not Limits

Save up to 45% on cloud spending with numerous ways to minimize expenses. Why pay for resources when they are not being used?

User-Friendly Interface

Developers' dashboard includes intuitive application topology wizard, deployment manager, access to log and config files, marketplace with prepackaged applications and functionality for team collaboration.

1-Click Deployment Applications

Marketplace with 50+ preconfigured applications for 1-click installation, including WordPress, Magento, Kubernetes, ownCloud and more.

Pay-per-Use Pricing for Ultimate Platform as a Service Flexibility

RAM and CPU consumption is monitored for each container. You are charged only for the resources utilized, not the limits.
You can set up a maximum Scaling Limit for each container, so the resources will be always available in case of load spikes or other consumption changes.

No matter how high the limit - the payment will be only based on real usage. The rest of the allocated resources will be just waiting in the pool for the application to request them, and it is totally free of charge. This is why Platform as a Service is the next generation of Cloud Hosting.

Reserved cloudlets

These cloudlets are reserved in advance (using the topology wizard). You always pay for the configured reserved cloudlets, even if you use fewer resources.

The discount level is the total sum of all Reserved Cloudlets per environment.


Reserved CloudletsPer MonthDiscount
1 - 29฿0.100%
30 - 59฿0.0982%
60 - 119฿0.0964%
120 - ∞฿0.0946%

Dynamic cloudlets

Instant dynamic scaling resources for your application. You only pay for Dynamic Cloudlets in use. Use the Scaling Limit in the topology wizard to set the maximum allowed per server.

The discount level is the total sum of all Dynamic Cloudlets in use per environment.


Reserved CloudletsPer MonthDiscount
1 - 29฿0.100%
30 - 59฿0.0982%
60 - 119฿0.0964%
120 - ∞฿0.0946%

Disk space is charged hourly per GB of disk space used in your environment.


Disk UsedPrice per GB / HourPrice per GB / Month
11GB - ∞฿0.25฿182.50

Traffic usage is charged hourly. The discount level is based on the amount of external traffic used per environment in the previous month. Internal traffic is absolutely free!


External traffic last monthDiscountFree / hourPrice per GB
1GB – 9GB0%1GB฿2.00
10GB – 39GB0%1GB฿2.00
40GB – 99GB0%1GB฿2.00
100GB – 349GB25%1GB฿1.50
350GB - ∞25%1GB฿1.50

Hostingdynamo Cloud SSL

This is a protocol which establishes a secure connection between your client and your Hostingdynamo Cloud environment. The charge is taken hourly.

NamePrice / HourPrice / Month

External IP

This is an external IP address which is directly accessible from outside of the cluster. The charge is taken hourly.

NameCountPrice per IP / HourPrice per IP / Month
Public IPv41 – ∞฿0.131฿95.63

"Hostingdynamo Cloud"
Pay Per Use Platform

Fast Deployment. Automated Management. Easy Scaling

We supported with

WordPress Cluster

WordPress Standalone

Magento cluster

Magento Standalone

MariaDB Multi-source slave Database Replication

MariaDB Master-master replication

MySQL/MariaDB cluster

PostgreSQL Master-Slave Cluster

GitLab Server

hosting platform

Laravel Open-source PHP


NGINX Amplify


Docker Swarm Cluster

Docker Engine (CE)

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14 days free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

is a type of cloud-based service that is ideal especially for developers. It  can be deployed both on public cloud and private cloud environments.


you gain access to a cloud-based platform that allows you to focus on the development, deployment and management of all kinds of web applications, web sites and databases, without having to also manage and upkeep the associated

Hostingdynamo Cloud provides automatic vertical and horizontal scaling of resources, making hosting of your applications truly flexible.

Automatic vertical scaling ensures adding the required amount of RAM and CPU inside a node (container) when the load grows, and releases resources back if they are not needed anymore.

To set up automatic vertical scaling, you just need to open the environment topology wizard and specify the Scaling Limit of cloudlets (RAM and CPU), maximum amount of resources available for each node. The further provisioning of the needed resources will be automatically performed by the platform based on the application load.

Automatic vertical scaling

The number of nodes within a single container layer (app servers, databases, load balancers etc.) can be also easily scaled horizontally via environment topology using “-” and “+” buttons.

scaled horizontally

Automatic horizontal scaling can be configured by means of tunable triggers via Settings > Monitoring > Auto Horizontal Scaling. Add the auto-scaling for the required node and resource, set up the conditions and enable email notifications to be informed about any important changes. The rest will be done by Hostingdynamo Cloud

Automatic horizontal scaling


There are two types of cloudlet at Hostingdynamo Cloud :

  • Reserved Cloudlets are reserved in advance and will be charged irrespective of your actual resource usage. In exchange, you’ll get significant automatic discounts based on their number.
  • Dynamic Cloudlets are added & removed automatically according to the amount of resources that is required by your application in a particular moment of time (assigned when load goes up and removed as soon as it drops down). As a result, you pay based on your actual resource usage.

The granularity of the cloudlets makes it possible to allocate a number of resources that precisely fits your current needs and will scale with your project respectively.

  • Intrinsic Benefits
  1. Simple, Does Not Distract Developers
  2. Pay for Resource Usage, not Resource Limits
  • Cloud Provider Dependent Benefits
  1. User-Friendly Environment
  2. Flexible Hostingdynamo Cloud Pricing Model
  3. High Availability
  4. 1-Click Deployment of Popular Apps

Yes, the trial period depends on the hosting provider you choose.

Usually it is 14 days free trial.